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My name is Oksana and prior to launching my soapery, I used to purchase my bath and body care products from bulk retailers with little regard for the quality of ingredients. My interest in handmade soaps began when I first tried artisanal soaps from a local farmer’s market, and was further fueled by the arrival of an addition to our family who was diagnosed with baby eczema. While I knew the natural soap products wouldn’t cure my grandson’s condition, I knew that they could help manage it and from then on, there was really no going back for me and my family.

What developed into a fun hobby has since turned into a passion for creating the most natural, high-quality, chemical-free skin nurturing products. I put great care into my soaps and skin care products, creating only small batches, using the highest-quality ingredients and practices. All True Bar soaps are vegan, palm oil free, and earth (and human) friendly.




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6700 Fallbrook Ave, #111 West Hills, CA 911307

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